How to Remove Your Blog from the Internet

Got an old blog somewhere online and need to get rid of it? Its not as straightforward as you might think. Depending on which blog platform you use, the process of deleting an unwanted blog varies.

There are a few reasons someone would want to delete their blog, even after they’ve spent so much time writing content. Whatever the reason, it’s important to realize that once you delete the blog, you lose the content. So, if this is something you plan to do, make sure you save any content that you want to keep. You can copy-paste the content or find some other way to export it if there are hundreds or thousands of posts.

Today, we’ll discuss three major blog sites: Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. The steps for removing content from these platforms is fairly simple.


Google’s free blogging platform comes with good technical support. It’s was easy to find the steps to take in order to delete your blog from your Dashboard. There is also support for restoring a deleted blog and for exporting the content of a blog you want to delete. Here are the steps for deleting your Blogger Blog:

1.    Sign in to and access your Dashboard.
2.    Beside the blog you want to delete, click the drop-down menu to the right of the gray Post List icon.
3.    Select Settings.
4.    Click Other (under Settings) on the left side of the page.
5.    At the top of the page under “Blog tools” click Delete blog.
6.    Click Delete this blog.


WordPress (not .org) has a great troubleshooting guide if you have trouble with the following steps. A note: once you delete your blog, the URL will be disabled, and you will be unable to use it again. So, keep that in mind. You can always delete the posts without deleting the whole blog.

1.    In your site’s dashboard, go to Tools → Delete Site
2.    Click the dropdown menu and choose the option: Permanently delete my site’s address and all content
3.    Check the box that says I’m sure I want to permanently remove, and I am aware I can never get its content or its address back.
4.    Click the Delete Permanently button.
5.    The blog owner will receive an email with a confirmation link. If you are absolutely sure you want to delete your site, click on the link.
6.    After clicking the link in the email, your site will be permanently deleted.


Like Blogger, you can manage many blogs under one account. In Tumblr, however, there are different protocols for tumblr-logo-image-12deleting a primary versus a secondary account.

Deleting a Primary Blog
To delete your Primary Blog, you need to delete your whole account.
1.    Visit and login.
2.    Click “Delete Account” under “Closing Your Account”

Deleting a Secondary Blog
1.    Click Settings (the gear icon) at the top of your Dashboard.
2.    Click the name of the blog you’d like to delete on the left side of the page.
3.    Click “Delete blog” or “Leave blog” at the bottom of the page.

Easy enough for these ones. One thing to remember – although your blog has been deleted the content will still be in Googles index – for up to several months. If you plan to use the same content online again, you may need to wait until it has been removed from the index.

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