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Why IMAP is Better Than POP3

Mac Vs. Windows. iPhone Vs. Android. PlayStation Vs. Xbox. Most of the big rivalries boil down to subjective preference, but when it comes to POP3 VS. IMAP, IMAP is objectively better than POP3 in so many ways, and POP3 is not appropriate for the modern emailer.

Using Exchange is okay is a good alternative to POP3, especially if you’re using it for work or school. Exchange is similar to IMAP, but it’s owned by Microsoft, so it’s not available in every location.

Why Does it Matter?

When picking an email client to carry your email, you must choose between POP3 and IMAP. These clients come in the form of desktop programs or apps. When it comes to web email such as Gmail or Outlook, this isn’t a choice, so don’t worry about it too much.

poP3 is not supported when it comes to Window’s 8’s Mail application, so if you have a POP3, you need to work around it to access your POP3 account. Some did not like this change, but it’s needed in order to get people away from POP3 and to a better client.

So What’s Wrong With POP3?

POP3 used to be the ideal way of accessing your email, but it hasn’t kept with the times. Back in the ‘90s imap vs pop3 emailand early 2000s, POP3 did make sense. It allowed you to access your email on one device only, and back in those days, most only had one computer in their home. In an age where most people have multiple devices to access their email, it’s archaic to use a client that just lets you choose one. Also, POP3 makes you download the emails to your desktop. The server had poor storage, so it was vital for you to download everything. Nowadays, you can’t backup your email through automatic cloud storage, and it’s annoying to download each individual email.

There are some POP3 services that try to keep the emails on the server. Instead of deleting them, the service will mark your email as read. But they can’t be downloaded again, making this a big problem.  Your email will not by synched up on your devices, or online.

At this point, you can see some major problems with POP3, and understand why companies are making the change. So why is IMAP so much better? Let’s find out.

The Benefits of IMAP

IMAP synchs, not just downloads, and synching is something that’s important in the modern age. IMAP will synch any change to the client’s server, and will treat the server as the main spot for where your email is stored, not just downloaded to your device. Business users take note please!

For instance, when you look at an email account with thousands of unread emails on a client that’s IMAP, you can look at them instantly. The emails won’t download one at a time until you’re allowed to open them. You can download files automatically, though. Also, attachments won’t download until you view them, allowing you some security. If you read an email from the server, it will be marked as read anywhere, and if you organize or delete any emails, every device you’ll be using will follow suit.

To compare, POP3 is just a downloader, putting your emails on one device. IMAP allows you to access your emails from anywhere, including cloud storage. IMAP makes sense in the modern world, while POP3 should just be a relic from the early days of the Web. It has little place in modern times.

Using IMAP

So how does one use IMAP? It’s just an option you pick whenever you set up your account via an email program.

When it comes to outdated programs, they may use POP3 by default, and newer programs may still support POP3. But newer applications should have IMAP as its default. Double check to make sure your client is using IMAP and not POP3.

What if My Client Doesn’t Have IMAP?

In case if your client doesn’t have IMAP whatsoever, get a new client.  Odds are, you’re using a program that has needed an upgrade for quite some time. Mozilla Thunderbird is a good one to choose, and Outlook is one that you can’t go wrong with. Best of all, email services like Outlook or Gmail will allow you to get your old POP3 emails, allowing you for easier access.

There’s literally no good reason to use POP3 over IMAP. However, some may see it as an extra security measure. After all, if your emails are deleted from the server and stored on your computer only, it’s harder for people to access them, right?Not exactly. If someone is monitoring online traffic, they can still archive your emails. POP3 does not improve the security of your emails at all.

So overall, if you’re still using POP3, make the change. It’s 2016, not 1995.

The Best WordPress Plugins From 2015

WordPress has a huge variety of plugins that you can use to help customize your site the way you want to. Tens of thousands of plugins give you the option of control, and you can create your site the way you want to.

That said, only a handful of these plugins are any good. Many are garbage, and will not get the job done. This guide will help separate the wheat from the chaff and give you a list of some WordPress plugins that you can’t live without. Here are the top twelve plugins of 2015. Based not only on popularity, but from their usefulness as well.

WordPress Newsletter Plugin

In the past you would have to pay a third party to let you send out newsletters to your subscribers. But no more. This plugin does it all from your WordPress site, and does it well. Newsletters can be a great addition to email services.


This allows you to fly over the competition by giving you great features. These include stats, social networking, subscriptions, forms, and so much more. With the latest version, you also have support for Multisite. No longer do you have to sort through your connections on an individual basis. You can connect to everything through your super admin account, making it way more convenient.

Google Analytics +

This plugin allows you to track and view Google Analystics statistics. Google Analytics+ works for any installation, single or multisite. All your stats are in front of you, with pretty and easy to read charts and graphs, all in your dashboard.

iThemes Securitypc security

Formerly known as Better WP Security, this plugin gives you more than thirty ways to protect your site and keep it as secure as possible. A few features include Obscurity, which changes the URLs for your WordPress dashboard areas. This includes login and admin. Also, you can scan your site and figure out where vulnerabilities are. Then you can fix them in seconds. Besides that, you can detect bots and backup your database so that you can easily recover your site in case something was to happen. If you’re looking for an alternative Sucuri Security works as well.


Think Apple’s Time Machine for the WordPress site. If you’re not familiar with that, let us explain. This plugin creates snapshots of anything you need, all from content to files, and gives you the ability to restore your content any time you want. It’s also easy to use and is Multisite compatible. You can also save your snapshots to storage areas such as Dropbox and Amazon S3. If you need an alternative, BackWPup or BackupBuddy do the trick as well.

Ultimate Branding

Ultimate Branding allows you to rebrand your admin area by white labeling it, all from the admin area to the dashboard, and even the login page. You can change your WordPress logo to your own logo, add help content, and change your favicons to your suiting. You can even remove all mentions of WordPress so that your potential clients don’t look down on you.


With Membership, you can create your own membership site, just like The New York Times. Essentially, content is provided to users who pay for it, and the visitors receive limited access. That said, wait for Membership to change its plugin. Some new changes are coming, and they claim that Membership will soon be easy to use.

Pro Sites

With Pro Sites, you can create a profitable blog or website, just like You offer your users the opportunity to upgrade their sites and get new features including more storage and premium themes, all for a small fee. It’s a way to make a buck.


Your photos can reduce your site’s speed if you’re not careful. This is where comes in handy. It gets rid of metadata from JPEGs, compresses them to their optimal level, and gets rid of unused colors as well. This means your JPEGs are a lot smaller, and you can allow your site to run faster.

WordPress Beta Tester

If you’re a WordPress developer or user, and you’re serious about it, you need this plugin. It allows you to install to the latest release or the beta versions of new WordPress releases. Since this is a beta tester, you should not use it on live sites.

Infinite SEO

With Infinite SEO, you can boost your site’s ranking with ease. It gives you easy title and meta data optimization, and plenty of site-wide linking. You also get complete Moz assimilation too.

WordPress Reset

If you want a way to test all sorts of plugins, themes, and other applications that can get cluttered, WordPress Reset is for you. It resets your database back to default and deletes everything. This way, you won’t have to remove your plugins in a painstaking manner.

These are just a few of the many plugins available, and this is just the surface. Try testing these out, and look for other WordPress plugins to experiment with as well. With WordPress, the choices are limitless. If there is one you really like let us know in the comments.

Think About Using Cell Phone Monitoring for Your Small Business

A few years ago this would probably have appalled you. Cell phone monitoring software – more commonly known as spy software, would have seemed extremely shady. The truth is that this type of software was marketed in some very unsavory ways.

Not only has this type of software really advanced in terms of its abilities, but the companies involved have become more mainstream in their marketing approach.

I have discussed a few of the issues you need to be aware of when managing company cell phones in this article. For many small companies using cell phone spy software can be a great option and help them to control costs as well as having some added security and tracking benefits.

Still not convinced you might have any problems – here are some interesting reports about company cell phone use and abuse!

Is this legal?

It is legal to install cellphone monitoring software on a company cellphone but there are certain conditions.

  • Any adult user of cell phone must first be informed that it is being monitored.
  • The cellphone also has to be owned by the company – you cannot monitor your staff’s personal phone.

These are the most basic guidelines you have to meet but it would be wise to seek legal advice before installing the software.

Legal policies may vary in different states and countries. Just telling staff that the phone is being monitored is often enough to curb any unofficial use.

What Can Monitoring Software Do?

Cellphone monitoring software has come a long way in the last couple of years. With the rise of the smart phone – phones with cell phone monitoring softwareInternet access, the technology has really grown. Most people are shocked at what this software can do. As time goes by people are realizing that it actually can benefit your business and need not be viewed as some shady practice – assuming you abide by the laws of course.

Here are a few of the things you can do with this type of software:

  • Record calls – available with a few of the more advanced programs
  • Monitor text messages – see the content of actual sms text message
  • View all emails sent and received
  • Track the cell phone via GPS and view where it has been
  • Control the phone remotely – locking it deleting data, blocking apps and more.
  • Monitor social media sites and messenger services

This is only a brief outline – they can do much more.

Depending on the software spy program you go for the capabilities can be quite astounding. You can have almost total control and insight as to how the phone is being used or abused.

If you feel that your staff are abusing the company cell phones this can be the very tool for finding out in no uncertain terms if they are. It can also be used as evidence when they claim they haven’t used the phone for personal use.

The tracking abilities are also a great way of monitoring staff when they are working out of the office – sales staff on the road for example.

Learning More About Cell Phone Monitoring

Before you rush out and buy the first program you find online you need to be aware that there are many scam products around. The software is usually sold as a digital download and has been targeted by some very unscrupulous companies. You need to do your research before buying monitoring software.

It is also quite a sophisticated product – it is easy enough to install and use but to the un-initiated it can seem quite complicated at first.

I can recommend a website called – The Spy Software Guide. They have a very informative website with all of the information you need to get started with cell phone monitoring software. They also have some great reviews of the more reliable products on the market as well as installation and usage guides.

I cannot stress enough the importance of finding reliable help before rushing in to any purchase. I have only given a brief description of this software here and you will need a lot more information before you are ready to proceed.

Cell phone monitoring is no longer a taboo subject – it is now viewed as a very useful tool to help companies manage their cell phones and their staff. You don’t need to turn into some dreaded Big Brother firm but you may need to save your business a lot of money. Money which is wasted by staff and their obsession with the online world. Time is money as they say!

Dropbox – Secure File Storage for Small Business

There are some tools which quickly become essential for tech related management and Dropbox is one of them. I first started using Dropbox when I built my fist small business website and I would literally be lost without it.

What is Dropbox?

Essentially it is a software application for securely storing and syncing files – but it is so much more. It is available across different platforms and different systems – Windows, Mac, cell phones and tablets.

You can save your important files and then access them online from any other device you have set up. You can evenhow dropbox works simply log on to the Dropbox website and work on your files online from any device – anywhere.

You can also give others access to some or all of the files in your account – enabling sharing. When you change any file it is saved and updated – synced. The power of this simple set up is great for any small business.

No more worries of losing your data when your computer dies. For anyone who remembers the days when you could lose everything in one go Dropbox is a savior.

Best of all – Its Free. There are of course paid plans but straight out you get 2GB free storage. This is more than enough for most small business users – I have been using it for years and have never needed to pay for extra storage. Most of your files are very small – unless you store a lot of video.

So Dropbox gives you a secure free storage facility and easy file management – best of all, it is really easy to set up and manage. I can’t speak highly enough – plain and simple software and it’s free!

How it Works

When you sign up and install Dropbox it creates a folder on your computer hard drive which is securely stored in the cloud – cloud storage (check this out if you are lost). This protects you from losing your data – ANY files: accounts, invoices, pictures, video and website contents – any important files you do not want to lose.

This is your Dropbox – you can now save all of your important files to this folder. You can simply drag and drop existing files and when you create new ones you simply “save as” and save in the Dropbox folder.

This folder is saved in the cloud and can then be accessed from anywhere or any internet enabled device. The file is automatically in sync – if you go in and change a file the changes are saved and whenever you access it again it is up to date.

The DB folder itself is easy to organize. Just like ordinary folder management in windows you can easily create a filing system using folders and sub-folders. You can move and save everything very easily – just drag and drop or save as. Highly organized filing for free!

The system is password protected to keep things safe. If you want to allow someone else to have access to your files remotely you can set this up – you can choose to share all files or only certain ones – with as many people as you wish.

More adventurous users can use Dropbox for more complicated tasks – if that’s your thing but I like to keep things simple and efficient.

How I Use Dropbox

Everything I create, write or just want to keep safe goes in my Dropbox folder. I have it organized into different folders – my own filing system, all within Dropbox. Set up different folders for – invoices, letters, photos, contacts, website content. If you already have organized folders simply transfer them into your DB folder.

I access the files mostly from home but when I’m at work I can easily use them – I also use my mobile to open Dropbox.
The syncing feature works perfectly and saves you worrying about files being updated. I remember running around withdropbox file sharing prices memory sticks between different computers hoping not to wipe something important.

There are similar products available now online but to be honest I have looked at them and didn’t bother trying them. I have a software product which works perfectly – I don’t think it can be any easier or more efficient than Dropbox – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

If you value your small business files you really need to look at using Dropbox. Whether you make use of all of the features or not, the secure storage is more than enough reason to get started. Save time and have peace of mind – and don’t worry, there is no big learning curve. It is really easy to get started and will not be a time suck. You can get started here –